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International scientific conference

The Faculty of Health Sciences and Med.Over.Net Institute organise the conference on the influence of the Internet, web-based counselling, and e-health on behaviour of people, presented by experts and scientists from Slovenia and abroad.

The Faculty of Health Sciences and Med.Over.Net Institute



We invite you to take part at the International scientific conference

The Internet changes our behaviour and the roles in healthcare services

27 January 2017

The Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Ljubljana, Zdravstvena pot 5, Ljubljana (registration)

The intensive development of information and communication technologies,  the increasing digitalisation of the society as well as healthcare services highlight the  importance of digital technologies and availability of information on health and healthcare online.

The role of healthcare service users is changing, as well as their attitude towards their own health and the healthcare system.

The healthcare system in Slovenia and some experts seem to be reluctant to accept the technological advances.  The users’ needs and demands, on the other hand, necessitate a more general agreement regarding the development and provision of healthcare services.

Aims and goals

The aim of the conference is to analyse the current state of affairs and to lay down the guidelines for future development of the healthcare system.  These guidelines could empower individuals of today to find assistance or support when required and contribute to their better health.


  • To assemble experts and address the importance of studying the presence of health services users online and how it changes them.
  • To host an expert meeting to address the importance of studying the users of online healthcare services and the impact of these services on the user’s health-related behaviour.
  • To inform the society and healthcare educational institutions about the importance of high digital health literacy of experts and users.
  • To raise funds (the conference fees and sponsorship) to buy 35 modern computer units used in two classrooms.  This will be the first opportunity for the students of eight different healthcare programmes to use the modern computer equipment in the field of healthcare.  The students will also receive training in providing health services to users in a virtual environment.


Future healthcare experts cannot limit themselves to providing information only as the users already have access to the data source through their smart phones. The experts face the challenge of helping the users change their lifestyle and health-related behaviours. The educational programmes should include adequate subject contents to enable the students to conduct research on the users online who search health related information.

The conference aims to explore the influence of modern technology used by the public in their search to improve their health. It will also focus on the psycho-social factors which are relevant  in the relationship with patients in a healthcare institutions or in a virtual environment. The target audience will be predominantly the youth and younger adults with higher-order literacy skills.   At the same time, we wish to contribute to a better availability of health services to more vulnerable parts of the population, as well as their inclusion into the society.


YOU ARE INVITED to join us as a participant or an attendee.

The numbers are limited, therefore, do not hesitate to register! The fee is 55 EUR plus VAT.

Please note that the number of participants is limited, so early registration is highly recommended.